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A-Pair Logo

A-Pair Design is a small freelance design community, involving specialists having years of experience in different areas of design and publishing, all working together to bring you A design you deserve, whenever you want it - from small web page to full-scale prints.
If you are interested in giving your product some A look - just say so!

We are proud to present some of our recent works here:

Candy and chocolate boxes

A candy box - 276*106mm, top cover.

Be sure to check out tiny decorations on a large preview

Candy Box

781*298, 38.2kb

Six plates: CMYK+bronze+foil; every decoration, pattern
and lettering was drawn entirely in Freehand.

Chocolate Box

259*400, 30.0kb

A large (296*456mm) chocolate box, top cover (left figure). Right figure will help you to get a feeling of subtle details.

Seven plates: CMYK+bronze+silver+bumping

Lettering Decoration, Pattern fragment

301*400, 24.0kb

Illustations to the Andersen tales book


333*400, 11.9kb


600*358, 24.7kb


320*400, 19.6kb

A-Pair is known to have a great sense of humor...


400*287, 11.7kb

At the left you can see one of a pocket calendar (year 1998) projects...

...at the right - a postcard.

New Year

201*400, 21.4kb

Interested in getting some attractive A design? Just contact us!

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