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Toad's Slimy Mudhole

"Mudhole? Slimy? My home this is!.." - Yoda, the Jedi Master

Welcome, brave human! Don't worry, this is not actually my home, so you are not going to get all wet. This is just simple Toad's interface to the world. And, as a simple interface, it has a fairly linear structure. You pass through this place by three easy steps:

Step #1

Get what you're looking for! No doubt, you have come for those beloved pets - "Toadies" - a freeware set of Adobe Photoshop plug-in filters, now graciously hosted by Illustrator.RU. Page also available in Russian. Jump right in and pick them up!

Step #2

While watching the progress indicator in the background, come visit A-Pair Design community showcase. I hope you will enjoy this fine artwork;

A-Pair Design

or, if you're curious enough, take a look at my very personal gallery.

Step #3

Well, you're absolutely sure everything is downloaded ok and there's nothing around to take a look at. You're about to leave. Then why not to follow one of these links?

Hmmm... he's is still here, reading... ok, I know how to push him out. I gonna tell all the things about my pages nobody ever wanted to know:
All these pages were designed to fit in 800*600 screen. So they do. Actually they severely suffer from viewing on screens larger than 1152*864, so happy owners of a large monitors may consider adjusting browser window. Many of these pages are bilingual (English/Russian). All these pages are frame-free (since I personally don't like frames), Java-free and don't contain any animations (I was always scared by those "No BeEr ToDaY, SoRrY..." ugly jagged jumping thingies). They don't even contain any progressive JPEGs! Total filesize made as small as possible. These pages do contain tables - actually, lots of them (after all, I can't do layout design without at least one good layout structure. I choose tables). Most pages use STYLE with CSS syntax and might look like crap if your browser doesn't support it. These pages are also hi-colour since they deal with graphics mostly. Oh, and the *most* important: didn't I tell you that these pages are under construction already? Of course they are, overwise these wouldn't be a webpages. Hm, are you still reading? Then I say all these pages (hypertext, graphics, downloadable files) are © Ilyich the Toad unless overwise stated. Oh well, I give up...

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