The concept of this links page is pretty simple: next time HD failure eats all my "favorites" folder, I will be able to simply browse here and get all the most interesting links back. Besides, since I'm recommending these links to you hereby, I feel like writing a short description to every site. I do not provide links to large companies - they can advertise themselves. Instead, I focus on interesting stuff to see, cool tricks to learn and free software to get your hands on. And remember: this is the Web. This is very dynamic media. Everything changes as I type. Don't blame me if something here gets outdated!

Great Beasts and Creatures Alike:

A page of Alex Novikov - doesn't tell much about himself, no complex design - just plain old valuable contents and a bunch of nice tools (game-editing mostly). If you feel like developing your own Dark Forces or Jedi Knight levels, go grab them.

*Playground* - the homeworld of Berserk Fish. Finally this egoistic beast managed to stop just *talking* about himself all the time and arranged a valuable gift for you: a collection of fine hand-made patterns. No, this is not yet another "I've just got a KPT!"-style bunch of useless crap - all patterns are unique and I must admit there are real masterpieces among them... Come to see his site of very nice design, full of *character*, lots of funny pictures to see and stories to read.Russian only.If you can't read Russian, just come into his gallery and click on every link.

Chord's Home - this site with very clear structure will hardly tell you enough of this heavy-metal playing, beer drinking beast. Hopefully he'll place some of the music played by his group soon...

Oh well beasten network section cannot be complete without THIS creature... He call himself "The Dark Spider" but is known to be nothing but regular butt... A page of tremendous size - ever growing - taking a lot of author's time - successfully remaining absolutely useless for past many years... The page to be visited with Lynx only unless you really like large lame graphics, many banners and awful sound. The page is known to have many mirrors. Can somebody please please tell me why do butt need so many mirrors? What's so great about mirrored butt? It looks quite symmetrical anyway... don't tell me I just missed a spot...Russian only.

Lige aka Kaboom keeps up writing his short impressions - well worth reading...Russian only.

Sergey Vorob'ev aka The Smart One - young big (about 90kg) fan of 3D-Studio. Come visit his 3D-gallery and don't miss great shot of me among his travel photo :-)Russian only.

Wonderful Marina has created her page called "Das Regal" (my pocket woerterbuch says this means "The Bookshelf") that have the clear and easy to use structure of a bookshelf... falling right onto your head.Russian only.

Photoshopping generally...

Frankly, not much for me to say here: PC Resources for Photoshop contains all and any link on this matter I might suggest you to visit. Thanks Steve!

Another comprehensive links collection on this matter: Photoshop Plugged IN.

And just several points of my special interest:

Kai's Power Tips - famous design classics, finally available in its original form on the net.

Raytracing in Photoshop - since Kai's tips release, I found this article to be the only new and interesting photoshop technique article indeed.

Oh, just come look at this: the Windows-native GIMP - this great Unix graphics editor finally transferred to Windows. Not as good as Photoshop, still very powerful - unbelievable for a freeware tool. The work is not finished but looks extremely promising. Hey, it even runs my filters! :-) Download also mirrored at

Greg Schorno offers you some shareware stuff and a great freeware Paint Engine filter - a tool comparable only with some quite expensive plugins like Paint Alchemy. Go get it before he change his mind about giving it for free!

Jama 3D is an interesting deformations plugin - currently in early development stages. Don't miss it!

Iterations et Flarium provides many (maybe too many) freeware fractal generators. The site tend to move frequently, so don't blame me if it isn't there...

Ultra Fractal 2.0 is another fractal generator; it's not freeware AFAIK but it's extremely cool! Multilayer composition with all Photoshop-like apply modes (and multilayer PSD export); special deformations and awesome gradient designer - all this will enable you to create quite an impressive fractal images.

TOUECCANS - those people have built their page just to collect all the graphics freeware links I could miss here :-)

Sometimes I use a high-quality raytrace engine called POV-Ray and one of the most elegant modellers for it - sPatch.

Just some of Photoshop Filter Factory Programming links:

Alf, Dr.Pluginhead: one of those people who started FFDG. Again, I don't have to collect my own links on this matter - just go there...

Werner's FF Programming Guide - unlike Adobe's own manual, covers all the FF undocumented features, shows typical algorithms and many more. A must-read for FF programmer.

Plugin Commander HQ - the home of PiCo, the freeware Windows utility quite suitable for FF-made plugins management and ideal for source code storage etc etc; plus some free stuff for Photoshop and Premiere.

Dealing with plugin management, PM 1.0 (freeware) from Johann's Software and Graphics Pages was the first program of that kind - and with release of 2.0 version (shareware) it is still the best IMHO. If you don't know how to get rid of my plugins - give a try to one of these excellent programs!

Taking an art classes

The nearest (to me of course) mirror of Web Museum - browse to see many masterpieces. Too bad, it was last updated several years ago...

Another fine art collection - CGFA. Unlike Web Museum, updated regularly.

One of Maxim Moshkov's Library mirrors. Claimed to be "MSIE-deoptimized" (design looks rather "deoptimized" indeed); also, I'm afraid keeping all that stuff is serious copyright infringement. Anyway, you might find one or two of your favorite books there.Russian only.

The Knot Plot page - this place contains some theory about knots and a lot of knots examples, including nice 3D models.

Charles Pointon point you on some often overlooked basics of documents design; he also maintains a well-known FAQs about colour space and gamma issues.

Star Wars 3D Modelling Alliance seem to be rebuilding the entire Star Wars universe as a 3ds models. They have many fighters, battleships, vehicles and weapons and even several characters ready for download already.

Music and stuff

"So if you you feel a little glum, To Hergest Ridge you should come." - Mike Oldfield lyrics. No, I don't like "Moonlight Shadow" - but I do like "Tubular Bells", "Hergest Ridge" and "Ommadawn". On this site you can also read his curriculum vitae if you think this might help you feel some guitar music.

"Take a straight and stronger course to the corner of your life, Make the white queen run so fast she hasn't got time to make you wise..." -YES lyrics - to help you get it clear.

"Life is just a reflection Sometimes mirrored in the past As we strive for perfection We live until we last" - what I actually like(d) about YES most of all was Steve Howe playing his guitars; his career started in early 1964 and after leaving YES he keeps up releasing wonderful solo albums without getting to straight pop (as many seem to do nowadays) - and for that we thank him!

"But God is laughing up his sleeve As He pours himself another cup of tea, And He waves good-bye to you and me, at least for now." - Jethro Tull archive - albums and lyrics.

Paying less for more: a strategy I prefer.

UPX stands for "Ultimate Packager for eXecutables." And it's really damn good: it will compress most of your Windows, DOS and even Linux executables providing superb compression degree, outstanding fast decompression and unchanged compatibility.

HTML Shrinker from PiCo HQ is a cute GUI program ment to eliminate unnecessary white spaces, EOLNs and idle tags from your HTML documents. Save up to 10% filesize on documents made with Notepad and up to 45% (!) on Front Page documents. All these pages were passed through HTMLShrinker just to make the world 10% more happy...

Document Press is another program for people having optimizing mania like me.

Miscellaneous useful links:

Hypertext Webster Interface - in case you find any unfamiliar word here.

System Internals gives some very cool utilities for monitoring Win95/WinNT facilities.

With this freeware Re-Coder program I finally can read my Russian mail passed through wild multistep charset conversions - no more guesswork, program seem to analize document structure and determine the right conversion routine automatically.

Mass downloader - not perfect yet very good tool for downloading files by multiple simultaneous threads. Usually gives 2-3 times download speed increase over my LAN connection.

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